Sexual Assault one of the greatest tragedies felt worldwide. There are many different forms of what defines Sexual Assault and many of those definitions have the ability to continue to victimize the victim. With each created it perpetuates a greater problem for women, men, and children alike.

Sexual assault continues to be the most under-reported crime in nearly every corner of the world.

Like countless others, I am a statistic-but more than that I am a survivor of repeated childhood sexual abuse, rape, and a fighter to combat rape culture as we know and understand it today.

Worthy of Me will chronicle my journey as I confront one of my offenders in present day. I have chose to blog publicly because I am in a prime position in my life and for myself to document my personal journey to confronting my offender, seek closure, and speak on my personal experience of sexual assault.

As a survivor, it is important for me to let other men, women, and children that they are not alone and that they do not have to suffer in silence any longer. There is no greater power than the gift of healing and for each individual that is their own journey to take.

Sexual assault is everyone’s issue.

If I am successful in  my journey to confront my offender throughout the year, I hope to accomplish personal closure in whatever form that may be.


Worthy of Me does not advise survivors to confront their offenders without seeking advice from professionals or at all. All reflections, memories, and accounts are of actual events. People have been named to protect their anonymity. If you or someone you know needs help please check out our Support page for listings. Please be respectful on Worthy of Me in contacting, commenting, or social media links as well. Abusive, violent comments are strictly prohibited. Comments wishing ill-will or harm towards other people are strictly prohibited.


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